Whisps – A True Savory Staple for Your Keto Health Diet

When I first started my keto health diet I came across Whisps at my local grocery store and thought I would give them a try. Not knowing very much about carb or calorie counting I grabbed a bag of these during my weekly grocery stop to see how they would perform within my keto health diet .

Surprisingly there is only one main ingredient in Whisps; Parmesan Cheese. This makes them very high in protein but great for good energy. The remaining ingredients are extremely low to zero so basically disregard them for the keto health diet.

My first experience after crunching on them is that they provide a overall positive and refreshing savory feel good snack experience. Just grab a handful or two and eat them one at a time. Be careful not to eat them too quickly or you may go thru a whole bag in no time. Whisps are still a bit on the pricy side in my humble opinion but continue to come down in price. A trip to Walmart or Cost Co. will allow you to get a larger bag quantity at a lower price than your local food mart.

The really cool aspect that everyone doesn’t think of is that whisps are gluten free, preservative free, carbohydrate free and our menace – sugar free too.

Bake or Fried ?

If you enjoy cruchy food typically they involve frying, however, whisps are in fact 100% Baked which makes them much healthier. I have even put them in an air fryer to see it the munching and crunching factor could get better and it did! You can get creative with Whisps.

What exactly are Whisps ?

“Whisps are a keto-friendly baked parmesan cheese commonly known as a “wheel” cheese.

They are so crunchy and tasty !

A lot of people think that you must refrigerate Whisps after opening them because of the cheese content. This in fact is not the case since whisps are baked and do not need refrigeration.

What are some good foods to compliment Whisps with ?

How about a Robust Salad with Arugula, Brussel Sprouts, Salmon Burger, Chicken Parmesan or any Soups

Are Whisps Lactose Free too ?

You betcha ! .Specifically in the cheese aging process lactose is naturally enveloped by the yeast component. Whisps do offer a good source of calcium which is beneficial.

Note: There is one exceptions in the Tangy Ranch product which is NOT lactose free


What are the flavors of Whisps ?

Parmesan, Cheddar, Tangy Ranch, Nacho Asiago Pepper Jack, Tomato Basil, BBQ Variety

Whisps are also ketogenic in nature meaning they compliment a low-carb diet and provide you more calories from protein and fat and less from carbs.

In a nut shell the ketosis process where the body goes into a fat burning machine can only occur by having your body feeding on fat versus carbohydrates so it is very important to limit your carbs throughout the day to no more than 19. Whisps can help in providing the bridge to do just that.

The cool thing is that you will reduce sugar, soda, pastries, and breads which will put the pounds on you throughout the year !

What are the actual ingredients of Whisps ?


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and have learned a bunch more about Whisps.

I am happy to have stumbled across them and decided to purchase my first bag. I can tell you this; I always have a few bags of them around at all times especially when I am on the road driving to a new destination. I also like them around as a mid day snack or just to create a new flavor in my mouth.

I would definitely recommend that you include Whisps as part of your keto health diet.

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